Saturday, July 06, 2013

Thought on Jeff Foster's "An extraordinary absence"

All is well for sure. It's not hard to recognize when things are well. Sometimes the dream has you at your balls though! Yesterday in San Rafael at Open Secret Bookstore I browsed a book by Jeff Foster ( Same, same, of course, packaged in way the message touched me differently. My brain often abuses the "all's well" idea (using the word "idea" on purpose here) to withdraw from difficult emotions, but that is beginning to feel disconnected and cool and not all enlightened :)  I can't quote him accurately, but it was about how life is the greatest movie ever made. What I got was that the whole point of going to the movies is that you _are_ getting sucked into the story, laugh and cry with its twists and turns and get really involved with the characters. We allow ourselves to be so completely immersed, precisely because we know it's a movie, and not real. So at least for me that triggered a huge insight into a misunderstanding. When we - momentarily or permanently - wake up from the dream of believing our life to be real and and seeing it for what it really is - just this what's happening right now - and that we are the actors, directors and the props of this production, we can get really involved with everything, including ourselves. Like, "Dude, I love this Sven character, he plays his role so well!, and man that Nik guy, what's the actor's name, you know the one who they had meet up with Sven in Thailand 11 years ago and then he fell in love there and stayed on? Dude I so hope they'll be doing another season!"

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