Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heike's German web site is up now!

Just wanted to let you know. Since I was an unreliable resource as web admin for my wife for her US business web site at, she decided to go with a pro for her new German presence at ! While I had picked Drupal as a CMS, Volker Buchwald, her new designer/developer/web master, does things in Joomla! Looks great - congrats Volker!! If you need a site like this, I plug for him with his web address

BTW I also really like Heike's new studio. (Ahem I spent quite a few weekends on the floor, the painting walls, the furniture, the Ethernet cable routing, the ISDN phone system etc etc :-))

Best of all, EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting works great on me too, and I get to go to her Eckehart Tolle night tomorrow, since the kids are off to skiiing in Austria (Bezau to be precise, and yes, sweet little 6-year old Annika will be away for the longest ever 9 days from her parents, but she was soooooo excited on the train platform this morning!).

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